LCN 4000 Series CloserThe 4000 Series surface mounted is the most comprehensive and versatile line offered by LCN. The big body 4010, 4020, 4040 and 4110 all feature the Fast Power Adjust indicator for spring power adjustment. The entire series is available in a wide variety of powder coated and plated finishes. Each closer features adjustment for back check, sweep and latching speeds.

Series Notes

    • The 4010 series is specifically designed for regular arm installations.
    • The 4020 series is specifically designed for top jamb applications.
    • The 4110 series is specifically designed for parallel arm installations and features an Extra Duty Arm (EDA) standard.
    • The 4041P is the most versatile in the 4000 series and can be mounted in all three configurations; regular, top jamb and parallel arm.
    • The 4031P is a smaller medium duty version of the 4041P.
    • The 4000T is designed for pocket door applications.

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